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JBHO Wine Decanter with Red Wine Glasses Set - Clear

JBHO Wine Decanter with Red Wine Glasses Set - Clear

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JBHO Wine Decanter with Red Wine Glasses and Cleaning Beads

 Experience the art of wine appreciation with the JBHO Wine Decanter and Red Wine Glasses set, complete with aerator functionality and a thoughtfully designed glass set for optimal enjoyment of your wines. The JBHO Wine Decanter with Red Wine Glasses set is a sophisticated ensemble that enhances your wine experience.

  • Decanter Set: Includes 2 wine glasses and a 56 oz decanter for wine serving option.  The gentle curves of the glass slow down the flow of wine, allowing it to gradually unfold in the mouth and fully showcase the delicacy and charm of red wine. The traditional wide-base decanter is capable of holding a full 750ml bottle of wine, allowing for maximum surface area and interaction with the air. The wide neck allows for easy breathing and a perfect swirling motion when pouring, releasing the full aroma of the wine. The wine carafe's hollow base collects sediment, ensuring a smooth and clear wine. In just 30 min, you'll experience a remarkable difference in taste. Most people regret not owning a decanter set earlier.
  • Exquisite Burgundy Glasses: Enhances wine tasting with sophisticated, purposeful design. The wine glasses clink together, it emits a pleasant, crystal resonance. These hand-blown pieces have sleek and fluid lines, with even thickness and weight distribution, making them worthy of being displayed as artwork on a dining table or in a cabinet.
  • Enhanced Wine Experience: Elevates the presentation and flavor of your favorite wines. The wine decanter is designed with a tapered spout, allowing for stem effortless pouring without any dripping. The decanter's curves and weight provide a comfortable grip, while its clever design ensures that last drop of wine is poured out with ease. The big wine glass is carefully crafted with a wide base and narrow rim, perfect for allowing the wine to release its full aroma. The slender stem allows for a comfortable grip, and the thin lip ensures a smooth drinking experience.
  • Durability and Easy Cleaning: Made with 0.4cm-thick crystal glass, red wine decanter is both sturdy and lightweight, resisting damage from accidental bumps. To aid in cleaning, the stainless steel cleaning beads are included to effortlessly remove any sediment, keeping the crystal clear and shiny. The white wine glass is also lightweight yet durable, and is dishwasher-safe. Even after repeated washing, the crystal will maintain its luster, making it a perfect addition to any household.

Brand: JBHO

Color: Clear

Part Number/Model Number: JB017

Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 12.2 x 10.0 inches


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