About Us...

Welcome! We are glad to have you stop by Môdern Space Gallery! As a specialty online homeware retailer store, we are committed to bringing you a great shopping experience and we hope to become one of your preferred online stores that helps you brighten up and decorate your space. 


As our slogan states, your space is your gallery. Our goal is to help you transform your space into your personal gallery by making available to you a variety of modern, unique and everyday items to decorate and add to your space. When it comes to your home, think about a particular space being like an art gallery as it displays a variety of items that you like. Just as one walks through an art gallery and appreciates the variety of masterpieces and unique pieces of art, Môdern Space Gallery aims to offer the same concept, except that here, you can easily purchase the items that you love.  


To help you transform your space into your own personal gallery, we work with multiple vendors from whom you can order from directly on our site, and affiliate partners whose sites you will be redirected to, should you want to make a purchase. 


If we can assist you with your purchase or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our e-mail address is: customerservice@modernspacegallery.com. 


Thank you! 


The Môdern Space Gallery Team 

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