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Iron Infidel

Iron Infidel Pull Up Assistance Bands, Powerlifting, Stretch, Crossfit - 5 Band Set

Iron Infidel Pull Up Assistance Bands, Powerlifting, Stretch, Crossfit - 5 Band Set

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Iron Infidel Pull Up Assistance Bands for Working Out - Resistance Bands Set for Men, Exercise, Workout, Fitness, Strength, Weightlifting, Training, Powerlifting, Stretch, Crossfit WOD - 5 Band Set

Iron Infidel has introduced all new subdued tactical colors for those of us that don't want purple and pink training bands. These bands are great for anyone looking to take their fitness routine to the next level. These high-quality resistance bands are designed to provide you with the perfect amount of assistance to help you master pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises. More and more people are discovering the strength and muscle building benefits of variable resistance training with bands.

Bands are great for: Bodybuilding, stretching, calisthenics, flexibility, powerlifting, injury rehabilitation, or add them to the barbell for all your major lifts to help you perform better. Training in this fashion allows you to lift heavier weight at the top of your rep, where you are the strongest. This is a technique used by elite power lifters to make strength gains and increased performance.

Many resistance levels: Adjust the tension according to match your progress. These can be used in endless ways to workout your chest, arms, back, shoulders, legs, glutes, and abs. Many of the strongest lifters on the planet routinely train with bands in their routine. Any experience level: Equally great for the beginner looking to improve their pull-ups or other bodyweight exercises, or advanced lifters interested in building explosive power through advanced training techniques. Great addition to your garage gym. Quick and easy to use and can be combined with all your basic exercise equipment and barbells.

  • 5 Resistance Levels - Perfect for all strength levels. Workout bands can be added to increase your performance on deadlift, bench press, squat, shoulder press, as well as help with stretching and flexibility. Great for men or women.
  • Versatile - Add to your home gym equipment or take them on your travels for an efficient hotel room workout. Gain muscle; power, speed, and explosiveness. Change resistance levels as your strength increases. You can always add more resistance or assistance, based on your goals.
  • Functional Training - Whether working out at home or at the gym, take your weight lifting program to the next level with exercise bands, an advanced strength building technique. Great for assistance with pull-ups or added resistance to all major lifts. Finally, there are fitness bands for those of us that don't want neon purple bands. Introducing our all new "tactical" colors.
  • For A Good Cause - A portion of all profits are donated to wounded veterans through the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and the children of fallen Police Officer's through the First Responders Children's Foundation.
  • Natural & Odor-Free - Made from odorless, 100% natural latex. Extremely durable and made to retain their elasticity and resistance. Beware of the horrible smell of brands that use cheaper materials.

Brand: Iron Infidel

Color: Set of 5

Part Number/Model Number: TP-001

EAN: 0860002890067

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.9 x 3.7 inches


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